south seas spray tanning

"get a natural looking tan without the harsh chemicals"


South Seas Skincare spray tanning solutions are paraben-free and made with the finest all-natural ingredients available.  This is the spray tanning solution has been voted "best of the best" by allure magazine, and is used by Dancing with the Stars!


All Natural Spray Tan - valued at $50 each.  offered for only $30 EACH* 

This all natural solution is 98% natural, ALCOHOL-FREE, unscented, and paraben-free that produces beautiful results.

Tahitian Spray Tan - Valued at $45 each.  offered for only $25 EACH* 

This sought after solution with 9% DHA is ideal for all skin types with an immediate beach-beautiful color.  It is a fast drying, non-sticky, paraben-free solution with a cucumber-melon scent.


for best results: 6-8 hours after your spray -

avoid activity causing sweating. Avoid showering. your tan is developing during these hours. contact with water or sweat can cause lines or uneven tanning.

after 6-8 hours, shower normally.  the instant bronzer in the tanning solution will wash away, but your developed tan is still there.  when drying, pat not rub your skin. apply moisturizer to keep skin hydrated.

appointment suggestions:

wear dark, loose fitting clothing.

advisable to wear dark colored flip flops to and from appt.

* Spray tanning prices are listed at a current promotional discounted rate.  

call for appointment:  (442)500-8896