Non-Chemical Peels / Enzyme exfoliation facials $60

                                        Valued at $100.  After 40% discount, these facials are offered for only $60

the Perfect pick-me-up treatments for your skin......

These 45 minute "result driven" skin rejuvenating facials include a neck, shoulder, and hand massage.  They are designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and stimulate cell renewal.  Your skin will feel refreshed!

Ormedic Lift - This organic aloe based enzyme blend of pumpkin and Hawaiian fruits will rejuvenate, restore, and recharge your skin.  This enzyme treatment is made with the purest organic ingredients combined with medical effectiveness that will offer clinically-proven results. Ideal for unbalanced, teen, prenatal, irritated and sensitive skin.

Signature Face Lift - This result driven enzyme treatment uses an organic aloe base combined with vitamin C, hydroxy acids and fruit enzymes to detox and speed up cell renewal. This facial gives noticeable results in just one session. Ideal for Rosacea, post microdermabrasion, dry/dehydrated, and sensitive skin.

Oxygen Facial - This O-2 Lift increases the oxygen in your skin like a fresh breath to your skin.  A pineapple papaya enzyme gommage will exfoliate and slough off dead skin.  The oxygen masque bubbles and fizzes while it is oxygenating your skin at a cellular level.  Oxygen is essential for healthy skin. A luxurious treatment that is gentle and effective for all skin types, including pre-teen, teen, and prenatal skin.


** Microdermabrasion is an excellent add on to these Enzyme Facials.  The microdermabrasion adds mechanical exfoliation to the enzyme exfoliation.  The effective combination of mechanical and chemical exfoliation aids in smoothing and resurfacing your skin.  The microdermabrasion clears the dead cells on the surface first, then followed by the enzyme exfoliation which leaves your skin feeling fresh and renewed.  ONLY a $20 add on fee.

** Extractions: $15 upcharge for longer than allotted time spent extracting.


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